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About the Workshops

Pouring in years of L&D experience,
Malati Vasudeva has designed unique workshops. 

Cohesive and high-performing teams result from enablement ,which motivates and engages employee, hence enhancing productivity. That is the thought behind the design of the various workshops.

If the offered workshops do not meet your requirements, Let's Chat, and Malati Vasudeva will design one specific to your needs.

Manager as a Coach

Coaching is an integral part of a managers role. It enables them to develop their teams and realize their potential.

Did you know 45% managers do not feel confident about being effective coaches?

Time to Upskill your Managers.

For signing up your managers for the 'Manager as a Coach' program drop a mail at

Win WithIN

​Employees who realize their purpose @work tend to be more engaged, rally their teams & organization towards success.
Presenting a hands-on workshop 'Win WithIN: Look within for Meaningfulness’ to enable your teams to reflect on what makes their work meaningful. 

When employees realize their purpose at work and the meaning of what they do, it brings a cultural shift resulting in organizational success. To enable this journey , the participants discovered what energizes them at work through the Working Genius Assessment , created a Shared Purpose and committed to be accountable for it. 

For signing up your teams for the 'Win WithIN' program drop a mail at

Difficult to Fearless Conversations

The root cause of many if not all interpersonal problems start with how people behave with each other when they disagree on high-stakes emotional issues  - think about it?

Research in the area suggests that dramatic improvements in organizational performance were possible if people practiced skills that would enable them to master these crucial moments.

Should you want your teams to experience and learn to 

reach out to

Credits: Happcoach

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